Laboratory tests offer so much information and interpretation has a lot to do with how helpful a lab test actually is. 

Most conventional tests have reference ranges that identify extremes in the disease process.  They are based on a bell curve and get wider as the population becomes larger and sicker.  90-95% of the population then falls into "normal" ranges, no matter the symptoms. 

It is therefore common to be experiencing great pain and discomfort only to be told that your labs look normal and nothing is going on. 

What if we changed what a lab test is looking for? 

It is much more helpful to identify reference ranges that exemplify health and optimal physiological function. 

When comparing our own results with optimal, we see how great we're doing or how far off the mark we've become.  We can see patterns developing towards disease and turn them back the other way, towards health. 

This type of interpretation does identify causes of  current symptoms, and more importantly keeps us far away from the extremes edges of illness.

Chinese medicine offers extraordinary diagnostic skills such as pulse and tongue reading, physical exam, and pattern discrimination according to ancient principles.  These are the fundamental diagnostic tools I use in the clinic.

To be thorough, I  also gather information from every angle possible.  Blood, saliva, urine, stool and hair tests have incredible applications in discovering the exact ways to proceed with treatment.

I belong to a laboratory co-op and get you these tests at a highly discounted rate, plus my $25 lab fee for interpretation.

Below are some of my favorites and  their estimated costs at the time of writing this. 

Keep in mind that values found in  blood, urine, saliva, and hair do not cross reference and that we learn different things from testing these separate aspects of the body's chemistry.
Functional Blood Chemistry

This group of tests is an expanded form of a typical blood test.  The cost varies depending on the specific tests added.   

This test is a thorough way to evaluate organ function, digestive capabilities, blood sugar regulation, inflammatory response, immune function, blood strength, infection, and nutritional levels.

My basic panels include vitamin D and B-12 levels, thyroid function markers, and hormone levels.  It is easy to add on specific viral, auto-immune or STD tests.

Female Hormone Saliva Test

Cycling women have a pattern of hormone fluctuation throughout any given month.  Hormone dis-regulation is at he root of the majority of women's health concerns. 

Typically, a blood test will only check a woman's blood for hormones once, and draw conclusions about her hormonal health from that one sample, that one day in the cycle. 

Since cycling women vary greatly in hormonal levels and needs day by day, it's more useful to get a multiple samples throughout a month.

Diagnos-techs offers an 11 sample test to chart the entirety of a woman's cycle. 

The charting of these samples shows us not only what levels hormones are at, but how they interact and respond to each other and when.  This test gives DHEA and testosterone levels as well as the pituitary hormones LSH and FSH for information about fertility and general endocrine function. 

This test is essential for all mood, menstrual and fertility related issues.

Adrenal Stress Index

This four sample saliva test uncovers the adrenals ability to respond to stress and corresponding adrenal health.  It outlines the rise and fall of cortisol in a 24 hour period. 

The ASI test is helpful in cases of fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and even gives clues about blood sugar regulation, inflammation and gluten sensitivity. 

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